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42 Series In-Wall Timers


42 Series In-Wall Timers control interrior/exterior lighting, exhaust/ceiling/fans, pool/spa circulating pumps, and other electrical circuits where hourly or daily time control is desired. For high humidity areas; switch turns ON a light and fan simultaneously. Turn light OFF, fan remains ON for a preset time.


42E Series In-Wall Timers


The MarkTime 42E724A and 42E724P Programmable time switches are designed to automatically energize a light, fan, or small appliance load on a daily basis (or other combination of days).  In addition to multiple ON/OFF program slots available, both switches provide additional features to further customize the programmed time of the load and provide enhanced convenience during use. Use to replace standard toggle or decorator style switches. Internal battery backup protects memory in the event of power outages.




42ES PIR Sensor Switches


The MarkTime® 42ES Occupancy Sensors with LED sensor indicator are ideal for lighting control in rooms that are not occupied all the time. Time delay and sensor sensitivity are field adjustable. Use with Incandescent, fluorescent and CFL lighting. Indoor use only. White wall plate included in boxed package. UL / cUL Listed Check the box next to the product number, click on "Compare Item" to see which PIR switch is right for your specific needs.


70AB Series In-Wall Timers

The MARKTIME® 70 AB Series In-Wall Timers are heavy duty 28 amp time switch available in either SPDTor DPST switch configuration. Specifically designed for handling exceptionally high current loads, the 70 AB Series fits into a standard NEMA double gang wall box and provides the highest amperage rating of any wall box time switch.


93 Series In-Wall Timers

The MARKTIME® 933 and 935 Series In-Wall Timers are a complete line of spring wound, manually set time switches for the control of electrical current. Interchangeable with standard toggle switches to turn circuits either “off” or “on” at the end of a pre-set time period. 933 Series Package includes aluminum plate and black knob. 935 Series Package includes both white and ivory knobs and decorator dials. Shown: Left Part #93301, 15 minute timer without hold. Right: Part #93501,